When the World (or the Internet) Screws You Over…

DeathtoStock_Wired2Well… I’d just spent about 2 hours writing an article intitled “Why Do We Eat”, filling it with many deep thoughts on food and humanity in general (life, the Universe and everything else… 42, blabla) and had clicked the “Publish” button in the bottom right-hand corner when, for some ridiculous unexplained reason (possibly the internet connection, possibly WordPress, possibly me clicking somewhere random, we shall never know) the entire thing vanished. Poof! Without a trace…

… which, if you’ve ever seriously dabbled in writing at any point in your life, you’ll understand how heart-breaking and annoying it is. All your work just gone without even saying goodbye. Like an ungrateful child leaving for school without a kiss in the morning. Only this one’s never coming back, not unless you sit down and go to the trouble of typing it all out again. And even then it won’t be the same, because you know you’ll never remember everything you put in the first time… maybe it’ll be better, but most likely you’ll lose the will to live half-way through. Right now I’m coping by telling myself that, at least, I wasn’t working on a novel. Now that would just be unbearable.

So let us take a few minutes to learn a valuable life-lesson (one I seem to repeatedly need) on this sunny September Sunday afternoon.





(seriously, save it. NOW.)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just drawing doodles of your cat on Paint or whether you’re writing the next best-seller that will change the world. Please. Save yourself that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise all has been for nothing. Because then you’ll be forced to write a sham of an article like this one, just because you know that when you fall off a horse, you need to get back in the saddle straight away or you risk never riding again. So this is my “I’m not giving up riding (or rather, writing)” article. Even though the angry fires of the Underworld are burning within me and I very much want to hit something right now.

I don’t know when the next real article will come, but it WILL come. And this time I’ll save it. Promise. 🙂


PS: I did actually click “save” when I finished writing the article… just like I did with this one… but what I didn’t do was copy and paste it into Word for safe-keeping (like I did with this one). It turns out WordPress is the one having the problem, because it’s not actually letting me do anything right now. WordPress officially ate my blog post, the meanie.

PPS: I got it back! Here it is. Phew. Well that proves I did click “save” after all. But it would have been truly horrible if I hadn’t. So people, save your work. Seriously.


6 thoughts on “When the World (or the Internet) Screws You Over…

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  2. Aah, Zoé I’m so sorry and I understand how frustrated you must have felt. I hope you’ve got over it a bit by now. At least your faithful readers had an extra item to read on your blog so I’m sure noone will complain.


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