What do You Want to Write?



Fact is, I haven’t written a blog post in two whole weeks. Why the silence? I’m wondering the same thing… Sometimes I find it really easy to come up with a topic and other times, I struggle for days or even weeks. At the moment, I’m in the “weeks” phase. It’s the same with my writing (as in fiction). I keep thinking about it with a vague sense of desperation; I know I should be doing it, and I want to be doing it, but when I sit down and open any kind of word-processing document, I freeze. If I’m looking at something I’ve already written and want to continue or edit, my brain goes into automatic “this is shit” mode. I don’t like the tone or the fact that I chose to write the story in first-person present tense (why??? Why would I even do that to myself?). Or maybe it’s the characters themselves who annoy me.

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Who Are You and What Are You Doing?


There is only one person you have to spend your entire life with.

From the moment of your birth to the day when you breathe your last, there is only one person watching, judging and enduring every single action and thought you partake in.

That’s you.

So why do we struggle so much to do the right thing for ourselves? Why do we flop down in front of the TV or put off that important piece of work or reach for that second blueberry muffin? I’ve already talked about the short-term benefits versus long-term benefits of doing a particular thing that’s good or bad for your health, so I’m not going to go on about that again. What I would like you to think about today is who you are. Who is “you” (or “me” if we’re thinking in the first person)? Is it your body? After all, your body carries all of you around, without your body it’s very difficult to do anything. Is it your mind? Well, your mind gives orders to your body, without it you wouldn’t get much done at all either. But your mind often seems to do just the opposite of what you want. Is it your personality? For me that’s a construct of the mind, in large part, so we’re back to square one… or is it all of those things? Or even more? Do your family and friends come into defining who you are? I’m sure they do. What about the job you do? Your hobbies? Your hopes? Your dreams?

How do you quantify “you”?

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Keeping Fit: 3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Exercising can seem like an ordeal when you’re standing at the bottom of the Fitness Mountain, looking up towards the mist-shrouded summit where the scantily-clad skinny people frolic, casually sipping goji berry juice or whatever. Not only do you rarely know where to begin, but the climb seems so long and arduous that it can feel easier (and in the immediate term, more rewarding) to turn away, sit down in front of the TV and have a piece of cake to calm your frazzled nerves.

Please… don’t.

Before we start talking about means of motivation, I want to underline something:

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